Excellence in Quality

For 45 years, the Protext® brand has been consolidating its leadership as cots and aprons producer in the Americas, leading with innovative solutions always allied to high technology in products for high spinning performance in natural, artificial and synthetic fibers.
Due to innovative practices, combined with high technology, quality and a commitment to customer success, Protext® has customers in the textile industry in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
The company expanded its operations to the printing industry and created the Prograf® brand, which manufactures and sells rollers using high quality raw materials, that guarantees excellent performance and durability of all products.

Protext Facilities

Our Services

  • Cylinders covering for drafting and combing.
  • Orientation to finish grinding and cots treatment.
  • Technical Assistance with product alternatives to specific spinning systems.
  • Grinding´s services in roller of roving, spinning frame, cylinder of drawing and combings.

If your company have any special request let us know.