Aprons for Short Staple Spinning

Flexible compound that allows an excellent fiber control. Resistant to abrasion and ozone.

Compact Spinning
Air Jet
Spinning System
Conventional Spinning Frame


Position FiberCodeColor
TopAll fibersPL-7833Light Grey/Beige
BottomAll fibersPL-7873Light Grey /Brown

Compact Spinning

TopCotton Extra Fine Counts (Ne 40+)PL-7881Light Grey/Green
TopCotton Fine and Medium CountsPL-7281Dark Grey/Green
BottomCotton Extra Fine Counts (Ne 40+)PL-7881 Light Grey/Green
BottomCotton Fine and Medium CountsPL-7281 Dark Grey/Green
BottomCotton Double RovingPL-5981 Red/Green

Air Jet Spinning System

TopAll FibersPL-9482Black/Yellow
BottomAll FibersPL-9481Black/Green

Conventional Spinning Frame

Top Combed Cotton PL-7833 Light Grey /Beige
Top Combed/Carded CottonPL-7873 Light Grey /Brown
Top Blends/SyntheticPL-7233 Dark Grey/Beige
Top Cotton with Elastane PL-9433 Black/Beige
BottomCombed Cotton PL-7833 Light Grey /Beige
BottomCombed/Carded CottonPL-7873 Light Grey /Brown
BottomBlends/Synthetic PL-7273 Dark Grey /Brown
BottomCotton with Elastane PL-7233 Dark Grey /Beige
BottomCotton with Elastane and PES FilamentPL-7281 Dark Grey /Green
Short BottomAll Fibers and CountsPL-9473Black/Brown

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