Printing Industry

For more than 45 years, the Protext® brand has been consolidating its leadership in the market 100% products made in Brazil, since the rubber development until the done product.

Innovated and practical solutions, allied to high quality, technology and compromising with our client’s success, is part of the sustainability strategy of the Protext® brand.

Trust in technology for a high quality printing oriented to the future, satisfying the quality of more elevated requirements of printer.

Printing Rollers

Hydro Pro

Compounds resistant to deterioration surface by alcohol substitutes, mostly for the velocity differential used in the wet systems, which makes a premature, erode in the “nip” of the rubber rolls.

Stable compound that keeps its hardness and dimensions, offers stability to the modern systems to wet with the most current water control and high resistance to absorption.

Pro Duplex

Eliminate the costs with the substitution time, as a coat that minimize the necessity of rolls adjustment. Pre adjust the watering roll and change the conventional inks and UV indistinctly.

Its formula offer high stability and meet all the specifications, keeping its hardness and dimensions for much longer in face of works conditions.

Premium Pro

Great for printers projected for plan and rotate printing.
It can stock and transfer the ink, what guarantee uniformity.

Folding Rollers

Hardness 60° shore A – red
Hardness 60° shore A – black
Hardness 70° shore A – brown

Soft rollers with high memory and big traction.